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Metal Work

I use sheet metal, either purchased or from my own scraps melted down and rolled into sheet. I then can make into bezels to set stones, forming it to ring shanks or pendants or anything else.


Wire Work

I will buy purchased wire, or roll my own with my new rolling mill. I then can make ring shanks, form designs, add detail to a piece…


Metal Clay

Metal clay is a clay-like medium used to make jewelry, beads, and small sculpture. It consists of very small particles of precious metals (such as silver, gold or platinum) mixed with an organic binder and water. Once the binder burns away, the result is pure, sintered metal.



This is a process where you can chemically bond silver or gold to a delicate stone or to metal. I am just starting to work with this process so I still have lots to learn.



I can now cut my own stones from slabs. I purchase the slabs or I sometimes find beautiful stones hiking our own property or hiking anywhere actually, on the beach, or when traveling. It’s amazing what you can find when you keep your eyes open. You cut, shape, grind, and polish until it is exactly what you want.


Gemstones & Sea Glass

Everyone loves gemstones and I’m no exception. Adding a stone of any kind to metal, whether it is precious, semi-precious, beach glass or pebbles, gives the piece a little ‘pop’ of color and texture.



Sometimes a pendant just needs a simple chain. Other times, it needs something more. Stringing is another way to add more statement to a piece. How you string it can completely alter the piece.



It’s what got me started and it’s a fun way to incorporate some bling but still keeps it a little casual and earthy at the same time. It’s also something I can do when traveling, just grab my small box of materials and I never have to sit idle. I can’t say that about most of the other process.

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Tribal Turquoise Necklace

In Necklaces

Prehnite Sterling Silver Ring

In Rings

Sea Glass Open Silver Cuff

In Bracelets

Feather Druzy Necklace

In Necklaces

Leather & Sea Glass Bracelet

In Bracelets

Organic Floral Saddle Ring

In Rings

Silver Sea Glass Arrowhead-Style Ring

In Rings

Pink Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Ring

In Rings