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Woot Woot New Tools

Woot Woot New Tools

My husband is probably regretting the day he taught me how to use my first power tool. I believe he started me out with the electric drill, moved to the hand saw, chop saw, and so on. He always justified spending good money for good tools because “good tools will last a lifetime.” I don’t think he had any idea how that statement would come back to bite him in the bumm. I mean look at all the amazing tools out there for jewelers. The choices are endless and so is my list. A lot of them are very expensive, but oh how I love getting new tools! And I have to admit, my husband does get the benefit of using them on some of his smaller projects as well.


This Christmas I totally scored. My husband was so sweet and bought me a beautiful Durston rolling mill and a Little Smith Torch. Thanks to Leslie Villareal and her wonderful Youtube videos using these tools, I just had to have them. Although my little hand held butane torch and purchased metal had worked fine in the past, I can now create my own designs, melt down and re-use my silver scraps, change the gauge of the metal, etc. The Little Smith Torch is even better than I imagined. It really allows me to get things done quicker and with less metal mishaps. It’s only been a few weeks working with these new tools, but so far I’m stoked and it can only get better from here!

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