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Anklets Have Arrived: Just In Time For Summer

Anklets Have Arrived: Just In Time For Summer

Every year in the spring I get asked if I have anklets, and this year, the timing worked out perfectly. I’m not sure if it’s entirely because of the shelter in place or just my longing for the beach, but this is it – my very first “collection”. Although it’s something that will only sell for the next couple of months, I’m excited to launch it and see what you all think.

I don’t know about you, but when I wear anklets I feel just a bit more glamorous. They are instant mood boosters! Actually they bring me back to my college days – a little bit surfer and a little bit hippie in all the right ways. So I consider my new Anklet Collection a way of bringing back the 90’s in all the best ways.

Anklets bring me back to when I was a teenager making braided hemp and horse hair bracelets at our ranch house with my sisters. We’d spend hours out by the pool, or even at the horse barn creating. It brought us so much joy to wear those handmade pieces all through summer. Those memories mark a very fun time for me and I wanted to bring pieces into the collection that transport those feelings back.

So, What Can You Expect? 

All five of the anklets are made of either 14k gold-filled chain or sterling silver and each compliment one another perfectly. Make sure to look at each one as they are all different depending on the metal.

I’ve been testing out wearing two together and it’s Perfect. They have elevated my everyday jewelry look way more than I expected. Even if I’m wearing tennis shoes, which I’m known to do a lot, they add just the right amount of bling and every time I look down, the sparkle of the dainty chains makes me smile. So make yourself fall in love with one or all styles. You can also add a gemstone dangle too.

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