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Support Your Local Farmer/Rancher Cuff Bracelet


Support Your Local Farmer/Rancher Cuff Bracelets are a joint venture between myself and our local Young Farmers and Ranchers.   YF&R are active agriculturists, between the ages of 18 and 35, and involved in production, banking, business, and many other areas of the industry.
20% of the proceeds of each bracelet goes back to the YF&R program.
This cuff bracelet is offered in Sterling Silver or Copper in both Men’s and Women’s sizes.   These are hand stamped with your choice of Support Your Local Rancher or Farmer, formed, patinated and polished.  For an extra charge you can add gemstones and/or a hammered texture.
Each cuff bracelet is made to order and can take up to 10 days.
Your bracelet will arrive neatly packaged and ready to wear and enjoy, or give as a gift!
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Each piece is individually hand stamped using special tools. Letters may not always line up perfectly and some may be deeper than others. Because each piece is individually hand crafted no two pieces are exactly the same. This is the charm of a one-of-a-kind handmade piece!
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For cuff sizing it is best to measure if you can. To do that you will want to measure around your wrist at the natural location of a cuff bracelet. Now, take that measurement and deduct the 1.25″ opening of the cuff. If you’re in between sizes you can decide if you want a tighter fit or a looser fit. Keep in mind the cuff will have a little flex to clench it closed a bit more or flex it open a bit more to get the perfect fit. As you wear it it will harden further into that position. So for example; if your wrist measures 6.5″, you deduct 1.25″ and get 5.25″. You can choose 5″ for a tighter cuff and flex it open slightly, or choose 5.5″ for a looser fit and clench it closed slightly.The most popular cuff sizes for women are 5.5″ and 6″, for men the most common are 6.5″ and 7″. You can use that as a loose guide to determine if the person you are ordering for is likely larger or smaller than average in build.

Copper 6mm, Copper 8mm, Sterling Silver 6mm, Sterling Silver 8mm

Additional Options

Plain, With Gemstones, Hammered Texture


5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5


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