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Sterling Silver Rattlesnake Money Clip


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This rattlesnake rattle was cast directly from the tail of a real rattler from our property (***for more on this story, read below).   Every tiny detail of the original has be immortalized in solid sterling silver. There are eight perfectly formed segments or buttons on the 1-1/2″ rattle and if you listen real hard you can almost hear them vibrate.

The rattle was then soldered onto a sterling silver money clip base.  The money clip has been patinated to highlight the details as well as stamped with 925 and my makers mark for authenticity.

Money clip measures:

Rattle measures:

***Normally we try and relocate rather than kill rattlesnakes when we find them around our home. However, if they are in a place that makes that impossible, like this time, we will kill them.  My 11 year old daughter found this one while trying to climb into her fort with a bunch of her friends (5 girls in total, three up in the fort and 2 below).   My girlfriend and I decided to turn this into a teaching opportunity since we had such a “captive” audience.  After burying the head, we cut off the tail, skinned it (which my girlfriend later tanned and made into leather snakeskin bracelets for all the girls), dissected and identified organs, then sautéed it up for all to taste.  The vote was unanimous: “It tastes just like chicken, only chewier!”   The craziest part of this story was that after removing the head and tail we took a 3 hour swim break, when we actually cut the snake open, it’s heart was still beating!

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