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Wahoo Countertops are installed and Metal Clay Kiln too

Wahoo Countertops are installed and Metal Clay Kiln too

Finally, the countertops were installed a few weeks ago. We decided on Zinc. Here again comes my “McGyver” attitude. (McGyver was a tv show wherein he got himself out of situations by creative use of objects at hand). I Loved the zinc look, but it was way too expensive to have installed. So I did some research and found that it was actually pretty cheap if you installed it yourself. With “My McGyver” (ie: my husband, Einar) on board, we tackled the job. They aren’t perfect, more of an industrial look, but again- I love them. I haven’t decided yet if I will add a patina or let them change color naturally. The backsplash is still in the decision-making mode. I’m trying to decide if I want tile (kind of boring), or if I want to go with more of an industrial/functional look. I’m thinking industrial function might be the best. That way I can have hangers for my wire, chains, beads, tools, etc.   I’ll keep you posted.



I find that the counters actually work great for metal and jewelry working. I don’t worry about the surface, I can sand any stains out if needed. My husband bought me a Kiln for Christmas that allowed me to create 3 dimentional objects from my metal clay (photos below) and I’m having fun with those. I had been torch-firing my projects, but found that only worked with flat designs and I couldn’t do anything with any kind of dimension. Now, with the kiln, I can fire multiple objects at the same time, as well as three-dimensional objects, bronze and copper clays, and even glass.

The beautiful flower painting was a gift from our cousin, Kate Sherrard of Gainsville Florida.

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