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Molds, Molds and More Molds!

Molds, Molds and More Molds!

I’ve found tons of items all around our home and property that have wonderful designs to mold and incorporate into my jewelry designs. After a little research and a visit to my local craft store, I found some mold making compound (not the fuzzy green mold lurking in the back of your fridge either) and off I went – making molds of everything I could get my hands on.  Now I’m asking my family if I can come check out their places to see what I can find.  Nobody or item is save from me and my molding compound!

Metal impressions: I LOVE this technique. I use my PMC silver and my molds and I get to make all sorts of pretty items. I have a hard time deciding on a new design but ultimately find that the gems will sort of speak to me, depending on my mood. Sometimes I have several designs going on at the same time, if I get stuck on a project I will move on to a new piece until I can refocus my attention back onto the original piece. Sometimes a design will come to me and I can create it easily, first try. A lot of other times, I will remake a piece many times before I am satisfied with it.  I also use Fimo clay to make a design (it doesn’t dry out) until I get it just perfect, then I bake the piece to make it hard, then take a mold to use later with my metal clay.  Mixing other metals with metal clay opens up more options and creates technical challenges as well but that’s good for the mind too. They say learning new things will delays the onset of Alzheimer’s and I’m always up for that.


IMG_0085 2IMG_8857  IMG_9244 2

Dry clay all ready to add bling                              Fired and finished piece                                                       Fimo pieces

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