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Awe, my craft-room!

Awe, my craft-room!

It is still evolving and probably always will be. This is what it looks like today (both before and after). While building the house, the craft-room was more of a messy tool/junk room, but for my 50th birthday gift, my husband planned to finish my craft room. I spent a lot of time looking for cabinets but finally decided to go with Martha Stewart crafting cabinets because I loved their size (especially the height), the drawer sizes and inside organizers, the look of the cabinets and especially the price.   However, once they arrived and I saw just how long and tedious the process of putting them together was going to take, I realized that it would be a better job performed by myself rather than my husband. He is wonderful at most everything, but the tedious jobs are not his specialty.



I think there were about 35-40, big heavy boxes in all. It took me about 5 days to get them all put together and situated in the room how I liked them. Had I chosen to have help, it probably could have decreased the time to 2-3 days, but I kept reminding myself to enjoy the journey too. There were a few issues with missing or damaged parts, but I called the company I purchased the cabinets from and they were quick to send out replacement pieces. I placed them in such a way that there were three large work-stations against three walls and one floating island with lots of work areas. There are big beautiful windows at the two adult stations, my daughter has her own crafting station and the corner cabinet area is a wrapping station.



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