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Embezzled Metals Blog

Woot Woot New Tools

My husband is probably regretting the day he taught me how to use my first power tool. I believe he started me out with the electric drill, moved to the hand saw, chop saw, and so on. He always justified spending good money for good

Metal Frenzy

Metals: I love all types of silver and copper and bronze in forms: sheet metal, wire, clay, etc. I love the way silver feels to work with, how copper is forever changing and bronze comes in many different colors and it’s cheap. Bronze is also

Molds, Molds and More Molds!

I’ve found tons of items all around our home and property that have wonderful designs to mold and incorporate into my jewelry designs. After a little research and a visit to my local craft store, I found some mold making compound (not the fuzzy green

Upper Cabinets, finally!

We finally got the upper cabinets installed!!!! The cabinet doors are from old windows I was lucky enough to discover locally. They were taken from an old lumber mill that had been torn down nearby in Scotia, CA. They are tongue and groove redwood and

Wahoo Countertops are installed and Metal Clay Kiln too

Finally, the countertops were installed a few weeks ago. We decided on Zinc. Here again comes my “McGyver” attitude. (McGyver was a tv show wherein he got himself out of situations by creative use of objects at hand). I Loved the zinc look, but it

Re-design Already!

Oh My, I may have to redesign my craft room/studio already! As my passion for jewelry making grows (addiction more like), I found I needed more space and I decided to move all my sewing equipment. As a result, I had to shuffle other areas