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Parties in my new studio

Parties in my new studio

Wow, it’s been an exciting couple of weeks. I’m loving my tools and yet I’ve still got my eye on a few more. This past week my studio was hopping with company. One day was filled with 5 girlfriends who are fellow jeweler/crafters and a newbie to  jewelry making. We enjoyed good laughs, got a little creative, enjoyed some good food and wine and just had fun ‘girl time.’ We shared ideas, new tools, new skills, knowledge and stories. We had so much fun, we plan to do it again soon.

Also, two Christmas gift card recipients came to enjoy an evening creating their ideal pendants. We named our evening “Wine and Design”.   Again, we laughed, created and just had fun.  Now I’m busy making those ideas into reality (without the wine).  Although when the ladies arrived, they stated they had no ideas in mind for their items nor did they feel “creative”, yet after touring my studio with all the gemstones, jewelry, tools of the trade, their ideas began flowing so fast my pen couldn’t keep up.  We had such fun that I think this might be a regular event! Stay Tuned……


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