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Upper Cabinets, finally!

Upper Cabinets, finally!

We finally got the upper cabinets installed!!!! The cabinet doors are from old windows I was lucky enough to discover locally. They were taken from an old lumber mill that had been torn down nearby in Scotia, CA. They are tongue and groove redwood and are probably 75-100 years old. I thought they were amazing, even loved the faded paint on the edges and thought they fit with our home perfectly. We also had a stockpile of redwood from an old cabin/shed on the property that had fallen down and the match was perfect! My husband was busy with other projects, so our friend, who happens to be an amazing cabinet/wood worker (check out Mendocino Cabinet Company), whipped up some plywood boxes and framed it out with the old redwood on the outside and the windows for the doors. I didn’t want to see all my stuff on the inside, but loved the old pane glass, so I “antiqued” the glass to an old mirror finish (mercury glass-will cover in a later blog). It fits the old window, hides my clutter and I love the way it looks.

upper studio cabinets


The cabinet over my daughter’s crafting station (yes, she has her own station with all of her arts and crafts all organized exactly how she wants), I taped off framed areas of 3 of the windows to show case some of her favorite artwork.


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