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Re-design Already!

Re-design Already!

Oh My, I may have to redesign my craft room/studio already! As my passion for jewelry making grows (addiction more like), I found I needed more space and I decided to move all my sewing equipment. As a result, I had to shuffle other areas as well.   Funny, what was my sewing station is now my soldering station and my sewing and surge machine are nice and snuggy in their travel cases. What I hope I’ve learned in this process is that you need to be prepared to go with the flow, your craft space may always be in the re-design phase as your interests change/grow.

For example, I have recently added Silver Metal Clay to my repertoire and am loving it! It’s basically like a grown up Playdough, but much more expensive. It takes lots of practice but has endless options and ways to work with it, adding texture, stones, embedded metal items, etc. I might need another cabinet for supplies.


Solder station replaces sewing

Solder station replaces sewing machine


Dry, unfired bronze metal clay

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Fired, bronze metal clay

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