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Metal Frenzy

Metal Frenzy

Metals: I love all types of silver and copper and bronze in forms: sheet metal, wire, clay, etc. I love the way silver feels to work with, how copper is forever changing and bronze comes in many different colors and it’s cheap. Bronze is also a great medium to learn on and I can try out a design idea before investing in silver. I love how different colored patinas change on each material and how etching can bring even more variety to each piece. I enjoy mixing materials together and plan to do much more in the future. I’ve also started to dabble with steel and other types of metal clay. Some say, “Maybe you should focus or specialize in one type of metal.” I say, “Why? I love them all!” Artist DAVID LLOYD STEWART replied when asked the same thing: “Life is a smorgasbord! It’s ALL fun.” He continued, “To those who would suggest that doing too much leaves one unfocused, I would reply, specialization is for insects!” I couldn’t agree more.


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